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How to handle tantrum and meltdown in kids

05, 2023

A tantrum is completely normal part of growing up though could be very taxing emotionally. Recognize it, accept it, handle it rationally are the keys to handle tantrum in effective way.

Ekya ITPL - A comprehensive Review by Parent

03, 2023

Fragmented online school reviews are confusing. Read the comprehensive review of Ekya ITPL by existing parent and compare with other schools to take an informed decision.

Best Cambridge IGCSE Schools in Bangalore

06, 2022

Bengaluru offers lots of choices for Cambridge IGCSE schools. Find a perfect IGCSE school for your kid based on your preference of locality and/or facilities.

Best IB Schools in Bangalore

13, 2022

The IT hub of India, Bengaluru is also home to top IB schools in India. Here is the list of schools that offer IB continuum and individual programmes.

Design of Learning

08, 2022

In the process of growing up, we forget how we learnt our sound as baby, how we used all our senses to learn. We simply forget the fundamental DESIGN OF LEARNING.

How to choose Summer camp for your child

03, 2022

This is the perfect time (when they have ample of free hours) to expose them to new skills. Check out for Loads of summer programs this summer from Drama to Photography, from wildlife camping to Cinema.

A Guide to Common University Entrance Test (CUET)

31, 2022

Get complete information about Common University Entrance Test and tips for the exam preparation.

Online language courses: myths, facts and benefits of speaking and listening skills

09, 2022

Skeptical about online classes? Not any more..time to bust some myths and tell some facts.

Language learning apps: Yay or Nay?

05, 2022

Language apps are riding high. Know what language learning apps can and can't do for you.


10, 2022

Do you want a prestigious, internationally recognized Spanish language certification for your child? Then, think DELE Escolar!

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