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All the parents endeavor to give the best education and career guidance to their child. So, when they start searching for the right school for their kids, they go through the regular process of- researching online, visiting schools, and enquiring with others parents. And more often than not, parents feel lost, in the abundant yet inadequate info offered online. Information available are either too crowded with unnecessary information, or too less to make an informed decision.
Parents, students, schools and information, are important pillars of education ecosystem. Myschoolz aims to promote a community, where all the members come together to create an environment that empowers students with right and meaningful information and guidance.

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Comprehensive information of school
Comprehensive information of school
Meticulously, we have curated all the important details of the school at one place to help parents and students make informed decision.
Easy School Search
Custom search includes important decision area for sorting and selecting schools. Compare schools for side by side comparison among preferred schools
Discussion Board
A powerful platform for schools and parents/students to ask, share and discuss about schools, career, well-being, interests or anything which could be useful for students
For Students & Parents

Power your search for the right school, career and interests
  1.  Find the best school based on your preferences - be it syllabus, location, school facilities, and a range of other criteria, using the advance search and school filters
  2. Connect with existing school students or their parents to seek their views, get your queries addressed, post and read reviews, share your experience
  3. Join the discussion boards, discuss your concerns with parents, students and teachers
  4.  Steer through effortlessly, and quickly gather a good quantum of useful information with our easy to use interface and user-friendly web pages
  5. Make informed decisions using information pieced together neatly and clearly with a comprehensive profile of the school
For Schools

Attract best students by showcasing your specialty and easing the process
  1. Get enquiries from prospective students. Help them understand what unique programs / trainings / extra-curricular activities / sports facilities etc. are offered by your school
  2. Post how your school has fared, post awards won by the school or by its students, post photos of your facilities, labs, hostels, teacher profiles, rankings etc
  3. Post about your alumni
  4. Join the discussion board - glance through discussion boards to see how your school is getting talked about and ease any concerns of existing or prospective students
  5. Understand better, the evolving needs of students and the educational aspiration of students, teachers and parents
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